Results of MISP

The program has been implemented in hundreds of schools throughout the world, and many of them have reported that:

  • Children are calmer and happier and have increased concentration
  • There is less aggression and bullying evident
  • Children learn the language and actions of self-protection
  • Healthy self-esteem and emotional development are promoted
  • Children have the tools to better manage their emotions and relationships
  • Children with difficulties tend to perform better
  • There is a noticeable flow-on effect in all areas of life (in and out of school)

The MISP benefits children in many settings: Primary schools, special schools, day care centres and pre-schools. It is also suitable for use by community/family groups and in before/after school care groups.

Some comments from teachers:

“We both think that the children start the day more settled after a massage… it’s been the best method of starting the morning.”

“At the end of six weeks the children in this class played better with each other than before and left nobody out.”

“Children who had been isolated before were included.”

Children are more willing to sit next to each other.  They relate better to each other.”

Comments from students:

“It makes you calmer and you can work a lot better.”

“We’re less aggressive outside when we’re playing.”

“When you’re giving the massage it feels like you’re doing something nice for the person.”

“Massage makes me feel special.”