Christine Waters, MISP Instructor

Here in Dongara we are doing the Massage In Schools Program for the 5th consecutive year. The kids are so excited when we start this program. Our Year 3 class have been doing this since kindy and they work beautifully together. The new teachers to our school are once again really impressed with the kids, the way they are so eager to participate in this program and how they readily include the new kids in the class and work with them doing the moves. For me the most rewarding time is watching boys at such a young age, asking their peers “are you okay with that?”, “that’s not too hard?”. Some of these kids have never used this sort of language and respect towards anyone before.
From the Principal
Click here to download a letter from the Principal, Janine Calver.

From an Education Assistant

I am a special needs assistant employed by Dongara DHS. We were very lucky recently to have been involved in the Massage in Schools Program.
I was amazed and delighted to find that my charge, a pre-primary student with austism, was more than happy to join the group massage sessions. Although he was not particularly interested in doing a massage he was more than happy to sit and receive a massage. I found that in these sessions he was very calm and quiet and that the calmness seemed to last for a while after the session was finished. I have also used the massage on him as a calming measure if he has become upset. I have found that once he has had a massage that he is more receptive to suggestions about changing his behaviour.
I would highly recommend this program to anyone who work with any person with autism or behavioural problems.
EJ Reynolds, Education Assistant, Dongara DHS

From some parents

I think the massage in school programme is great. The children are learning something new and I think it gives them a bit of confidence. I also love it when they come home and want to show me what they have learnt and want to practise on me. I also think it benefits the children as in they have to massage anyone in the class.
Donna Stemm 25 July 2009
Children at Dongara District High School

As a parent I have seen the positive changes to children who have participated in this program including my own daughter who is in year 7 this year, also other children in her class especially the children who have social and/or concentration problems, and the most important thing is that the children look forward to this program. My own personal opinion is that it is a fantastic idea as we have lost the ability to show our emotions and touch people and this helps. My 12 & 14 year old daughters still hug me every day. Not many kids do this at that age!     
Ms Anne Lennehan
West Australia

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