MISP in schools

The first MISP courses to be held in Australia were conducted in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney in early 2005 by two MISP trainers from the UK.  there are now two MISP Trainers and over 150 Instructors across Australia, with more being trained each year.

As more people are able to access the program it is being taken up by an increasing number of schools, with some Instructors also teaching it in other settings.  Use the links below or in the menu bar to read some stories from schools and other groups using the program.  Please re-visit our site from time to time as we add more stories and pictures from across Australia.

See the different school’s news pages, where we hope that you are also inspired by the stories from children, teachers and parents, and can see for yourself the way that this innovative program can change the tone and culture of a class, school or group, fostering a culture of respect and providing children with a priceless tool for relating to others and developing resilience.